2. Tokenomics of DXF

DXF Token: The Foundation of the DXFunds Ecosystem Integral to Ecosystem Growth and Functionality

  • Base Token: The DXF token serves as the foundational cornerstone of the DXFunds ecosystem, providing a stable and growth-oriented framework for various fund tokens.

  • Interconnectivity: Each fund token within the DXFunds ecosystem incorporates mechanisms that directly support and enhance the value of the DXF token.

  • Token Type: The DXF token, an ERC-20 token, is designed to be the cornerstone of the DXFunds platform, facilitating investment activities, governance, and profit-sharing.

  • Total Supply: A finite supply of 10,000,000 DXF tokens has been minted, ensuring scarcity and value retention over time.

Token Distribution and Pre-Sale

Initial Allocation and Strategic Planning

  • Pre-Sale Strategy: A significant portion of DXF tokens will be made available during a pre-sale phase. This initial offering aims to establish a robust investor base and provide essential capital for the development and expansion of the ecosystem.

  • Distribution Breakdown:

    • Pre-Sale Allocation: 45% of the total DXF token supply will be allocated for the pre-sale event.

    • Liquidity Pool: Post pre-sale, 45% of the ETH raised will be paired with 45% of the total DXF tokens to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

    • Project Reserves: The remaining 10 % of the DXF tokens will be held as reserves for future development, expansion, and strategic partnerships. this value will be locked and vested in 3 different dates over the next 3 months.

Transaction Fee Structure

Sustainable Revenue and Value Reinforcement

  • 5% Sales Fee on DXF: Transactions involving the sale of DXF tokens will incur a 5% fee, which is strategically allocated as follows:

    • 2.5% Fund Reinforcement: An additional 2.5% of the transaction value is used to purchase ETH and WBTC, which are then added to the DXF base fund, continually strengthening the core assets of the ecosystem.

    • 2.5% Project Maintenance: The remaining 2.5% of the transaction fee is allocated to the project's development wallet, ensuring continuous support, maintenance, and growth of the DXFunds platform.

    Unique Fee Structure for Fund Tokens

    Driving Value and Sustainability

    • Fee Mechanism in New Funds: For every new fund token developed within the DXFunds ecosystem, there will be a unique fee structure to support the underlying DXF token and the overall ecosystem.

      • 1% DXFund: A portion of the transaction fees generated by each transaction involving the newly created fund tokens will be allocated to bolstering the DXF Fund. This mechanism will enhance the value of the primary DXF fund, ultimately amplifying the effectiveness of the buyback and burn mechanism.

    Impact of the Fee System

    Enhancing Long-Term Value and Stability

    • Continuous Growth of the Base Fund: The continual purchase of ETH and WBTC to reinforce the DXF base fund adds an additional layer of value to the DXF token, aligning with the long-term investment strategy of the ecosystem.

    • Deflationary Pressure on DXF: The ongoing burn of DXF tokens through the integrated fee system in new fund tokens contributes to a deflationary model, promoting value appreciation over time.

    • Conclusion

      The tokenomics of the DXF token is thoughtfully designed to balance immediate growth through pre-sale with long-term sustainability via strategic fee allocation and fund reinforcement. The integration of a deflationary burn mechanism, coupled with continuous strengthening of the base fund, positions DXFunds as a unique and forward-thinking player in the crypto investment space.

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